The Eventicious development team has over 20 members. Yes, that’s how many people it takes to develop and support a high-quality digital product with hundreds of thousands of users. Every day the team makes our event apps a little bit more convenient, useful and reliable.

In this post we would like to tell you about some of the team’s latest achievements.

Performance under very high load

Over this summer, applications built on the Eventicious platform were used at several festivals with over 100,000 attendees each.  This was the first time we experienced such a high load on our servers.

When preparing for the events, we did some serious work on the platform’s reliability when supporting a large number of concurrent users. We performed load testing to identify potential weak points and resolve them.

The Eventicious platform proved its reliability at large-scale events. Our own experience confirmed that however large the number of users may be, each of them will be able to enjoy the benefits of the event app.

Improved security

Over the last several months we have done a lot to improve security of our users’ data in mobile apps. In particular, we improved security of private chats, fortified our APIs against unauthorized access, added account lock after n failed login attempts, and did many other things. We are constantly on the lookout for new vulnerabilities, keep an eye on best practices, and work on improving security.

All the data of our EU customers are stored on servers in Germany.

New user profile features

We have made user profile fields configurable. Now event organizers can decide for themselves what names to assign to these fields and what information to request from users. If there are fields you don’t need, you can hide them, and if you need more fields, you can add them.  We have also expanded the default list of profile fields by adding “City” and “Instagram”

All these changes will make the app more adaptable so it can fit various event formats and goals. Please take a look at the screenshots below to see how different attendee profiles can be.

Improved networking functionality

The “Networking” module in Eventicious apps has become even more convenient. Meetings schedule is now available offline. Attendees won’t miss any more important meetings because the internet connection was intermittent or lost.

In addition to that, the app will highlight all details that have changed since the last time user opened the screen. Very convenient.

Highlighted updates in the personal meetings shedule

Supported versions

We have dropped support of Android 4.4 and iOS 9 and have made the application ready for the updates: iOS 13 and Android Q. Also, we now build Android apps a bit differently, so the file downloaded from Google Play is now twice smaller.