Our mobile app builder now features a new module: “Quests”. This new feature will add a digital aspect to corporate team building and make online events more engaging and interactive.

Multi-stage quests

This new functionality can be used in many ways, one of which is to create quests that involve several steps or stages. Participants can work individually or in teams; they crack hints, complete tasks, and submit their answers to the mobile app. If the answer is correct, the next stage of the quest, with more tasks and hints, will be unlocked.

This functionality is ideally suited for team-building quests (both indoor and outdoor ones).

The quest mechanics can be something like this:

  • The players figure out an on-site location based on its photos, description, or hints, and show up at that location.
  • Once there, the team will be greeted by the host or animator, who will assign another task.
  • For each successfully completed task, the team will receive a secret code that unlocks the next stage of the quest with another task.

Online corporate parties

Quests that use a mobile app can be played not only in person, but also online.

Online quests can also be played individually or in teams, depending on organizers’ goals and objectives. With Eventicious solutions for online events  you can make sure that each team will see only their own content, which cannot be accessed by any other team. For example, teams can have their own chats for exchanging ideas, and their own ZOOM rooms for communication.

Online quest mechanics can be like this:

  • Each stage of the quest in the mobile app represents a riddle that tests logical reasoning, attention to detail, or ability to work as a team. A riddle description can include an image, a video, or a link to a zoom room where players will be greeted by a host or an actor.
  • Players (or teams) can solve the riddles themselves and submit their answers to the app, or they can receive a key from the host for solving riddles.
  • Such quests can serve as the pivot around which the online party will revolve, or they can just be an additional entertainment that accompanies the main program. They can also include gamification elements: points awarded for completed tasks. The app will display the players ratings, in accordance with the number of collected points, or these points can be used as internal currency and be exchanged, for example, for company or event branded merchandise.

Please contact us  if you would like to learn more about the new possibilities offered by the Eventicious platform