Eventiciouser and Eventiciouser! We added some new blocks to our app constructor to give event organizers more possibilities for bringing their ideas to life.

Group games

Now you can award bonus points to entire teams and have a team rating in addition to individual one. Gamification in a mobile app can add game elements even to the most formal events and simplify technicalities of the team competition.

This new feature has been very popular at corporate conferences with team building activities. Quite a few companies are already preparing team activities for their annual conferences.

Depending on the purpose of the event, the app can rate attendees individually, or in groups, or both.

Team rating is calculated as the total of all award points earned by team members. It’s up to the organizer to decide how points will be awarded. Attendees can be rewarded for being active in the app: asking speakers questions, setting up meetings, posting in the general chat. Also, points can be awarded for offline activities, such as presenting a project or winning a creative contest or a sports competition.

New locales

Eventicious apps are often purchased for international events taking place in various countries. To ensure that both event organizers and guests enjoy using the app, we offer localization into several languages. Our most recent additions are French and Bulgarian locales.

Overall, the app supports six languages: English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian. If your language is not on this list, we’ll be happy to translate your application and all its content into any of the world languages. We have such experience.

Synchronization of favorites

Eventicious apps can be synchronized with the event website. The event program, attendee list, and speaker and presentation list can be downloaded to the application from the website. This feature was implemented long ago and has been actively used by event organizers ever since.

Now we have taken this integration to the next level. When an attendee adds a presentation to their favorites on the event website, it will automatically appear in the Favorites section in the app (and vice versa). Well, it’s not a big deal, but still a nice little feature, one of those many things that add up to a great event experience.