One of the most popular reasons why event organizers commission a mobile app is because they care about their audience. And so do we! In an effort to make our app even more convenient, we added some cool features to it.

Enhanced networking

Our new and improved meeting scheduler passed field tests with flying colors and we can proudly present it to business event organizers.

The most significant change is not immediately obvious, even though it took the longest to implement. From an attendee’s point of view, networking just loads faster and works more reliably, even when the internet connection is unstable. But believe us when we say that a lot of work went into this software improvement.

The interface was also revamped. Our goal was to make the system simpler and smarter, so we analyzed feedback and stats from many previous events. And this is what we came up with:

  • First, now users do not have to specify their availability each time they send a meeting invite. They can select one time slot that’s most convenient for them and start sending out invitations. Once an invitation is opened by its recipient, the system will automatically compare both attendees’ schedules and find the best time for them to meet. A recipient can either accept or decline an invitation.
  • Second, participants can now select a meeting location from those offered by event organizers or come up with their own. For example, they can schedule a meeting at their company’s booth or at the nearest coffee stand.

“My bookings” and “My bonus points”

If you are organizing an event with many optional activities (master classes, guided tours, meetups, etc.) that need to be booked individually, attendees can easily become overwhelmed and forget which activities they signed up for.

To prevent this from happening, we upgraded our “Booking” module by adding a new tab called “My bookings”, where users can see all the activities they have signed up for, as well as the ones where they are still on the waiting list.

A similar improvement has been added to the Gamification module. Attendees can now see their rewards history and check how many bonus points they received for each activity at the event. Everyone likes getting rewards, especially when all it takes to earn them is to be involved: complete your profile, schedule meetings, ask speakers questions or post messages in the general chart.

Searching the event schedule    

This is a small but very handy improvement. Now you can search the event schedule by presentation name and description, by speaker, or by location. This will be especially useful at large-scale multi-day events with very busy agendas.