It’s time for a new installment of “How we’ve been working ourselves to the bone”, adding new and useful features to the Eventicious platform.

Here’s what our developers accomplished in the last two months:

Updated QR scanners

The Eventicious ecosystem is not just an event app builder per se; it also includes two separate scanner applications: gamification scanner and registration scanner.

Gamification scanner allows to manually award points to players by scanning their personal QR codes in the application. It can be used to give some extra gamification points for offline activities at your event, such as a successful project presentation at a corporate conference, or for taking part in sports activities.

The updated version of the scanner features a new API, so now it provides more secure login and point awarding systems. Also, the new version boasts an easier-to-handle camera and a friendlier interface.

Registration scanner can be used by event organizers to automate check-ins to activities and to monitor attendance at lectures, trainings, and other educational events. Armed with scanners, event organizers scan attendees’ personal QR codes in the event app to mark them as present, and then they can run a report that shows who went where and when.

The updated scanner interface now allows event organizers to set up flexible start and end times for session registrations. This will help to reduce lateness for the most important events and improve punctuality. Or the other way around, organizers can increase the registration interval for activities with a lot of attendees, thus making sure that everyone has enough time to check in.

Improved server performance

The demand for event apps continues its steady growth as more and more event organizers opt to use innovative digital tools to keep their audiences informed and involved. We are bracing ourselves for a further increase in the number of concurrent event app users, which will put a greater load on our servers.

As a preemptive measure, we optimized conference publishing and implemented an additional mechanism to protect the servers when the load increases. Plus we added more tools for real-time load tracking.

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