– Too little feedback on the event.

With an app, you can have as much feedback as you need. Conduct polls, and let attendees make suggestions in direct chat with the organizers.

— Low involvement.

Interactive activities, gamification elements, live social media feeds – these will generate a lot of possibilities. Organizing contests and polls has never been easier: everything is honest and transparent, no ground for doubt.

— It is difficult to evaluate participants’ progress during training.

Not if you have an app. Conduct tests to see how your students are faring. You can assess their knowledge at the beginning and in the end of the event to see the difference.

— When the event schedule changes, attendees always learn about it too late, or never at all.

Just send them push notifications about any changes.

— Event audiences are looking for more quality networking.

In the mobile app, they will find the right contacts, start a chat, and set up a meeting - all in a couple of minutes.

— Paper handouts very soon become outdated.

If you have an app, you won’t need any printed materials at all. Everything will be in the app: sponsor information, speaker details, event program, venue maps, etc. No need for a printed press wall either, you’ll have a digital one: interactive, convenient and eye-catching.